Uli Jaeger is a visual artist based in Kent/UK and Baden Württemberg/Germany. Her work explores the liminal spaces where art and play meet within the context of the everyday. 

Jaeger’s practice rests within the abstract and minimal, hovering between small nuances of what is (seen/understood) and what can be. She is drawn to the overlooked and insignificant in the context of language, space and materiality.

Jaeger works with the readymade, often using humble materials such as cardboard or fabrics (used clothes). She is interested in the common words and objects we share our lives with, challenging their meaning or changing their appearance.

During the past three years her practice expanded into print making (mainly intaglio and monoprint), frequently playing with and incorporating individual words. Her prolonged stay in Germany and the enforced confrontation with her mother tongue inspired her to look at the understanding of language in a fresh way.

She graduated from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Canterbury with a BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st class) in 2018. Jaeger is a studio holder at LIMBO in Margate, Kent (UK), a member of ArtCan (UK) and the Haller Akademie der Künste (Germany), and participates in the Morphé Network (UK).



ArtCan Member